Welcome to the site dedicated to the work on hemp breeding. Our collection of plants is designed for growing in harsh outdoor conditions in regions with cold sharply continental climate. In a short summer plants need a special powerful genetics. Our collection of seeds is available for plant growers of Russia since 2008. If you are engaged in cultivation of hemp, then this site is for you!

Seeds packaging
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Special seed packaging DJSort Seeds

Strains of the season
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Autoflowering of the season 2021

New Hemp Strains
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Introducing a selection of new items! Hemp plants for cultivation in regions with a cold climate. Large autoflowers they extended the vegetative period. This will allow you to harvest even more crops and get an even higher level of THC.

DJSort (Cannabis Breeder)
The seed bank & pack
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The seed pack is designed primarily for stores of cannabis seeds. Bright design is aimed at forming consumer associations with delicious natural and ripe product.

Magic of new life! These are not just words from the advertising booklet - this is the motto of our team and the slogan of the General concept of our creativity! This slogan is confirmed by long-term observations of our plants. They're special! They do not like it! This is something New in the breeding market! The vital potential and strength of the development of plants from the seeds of our collection surprise even the most experienced growers!

The Outdoor feminized collection is intended for cultivation in street conditions, for Northern countries and regions with sharply continental climate. In the genetics of plants from our collection presents the best samples! These are hybrids of cultivated varieties and wild hemp with unique properties and qualities - given by nature for better development and survival in cold conditions. Our plants, even as kids planted in the open ground in the spring withstand short-term freezing to (- 4°C) this is the Magic of new Life. Long-term experiments of breeding with these plants allowed to select the best plants and genetically transfer to them the quality and characteristics of survival of wild hemp, but to consolidate all the signs of cultivated plants by the number of crops and the level of THC. All strains have a THC level of 15-20%.

Feminized bank strains
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All presented strains of this collection are presented in the form of 99.9% of feminized seeds. Plants grown from these seeds are stable, have no mutations and hermaphroditism, have heterosis power of stable generation (f1).

Strains of the bank DJSort Seeds
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Our seed collection includes hybrid plants that have different qualities, these are varieties with a predominance of indica or sativa, as well as various hybrid variations.

Our collection features plants of species "Early flowers" are plants specifically designed for growing outside, they have mixed characteristics of the two types of cannabis. Early flowers have the qualities of photoperiodic plants-this is manifested in the size of the plant and the amount of harvest, as well as the effect and high level of psychoactive substances (THC and other cannabinoids). The uniqueness of these plants is that they also have the qualities of autoflowering plants and features of wild hemp blooming with photoperiod 14\10 which occurs in nature after the summer solstice. This allows you to get a guaranteed harvest in the Northern latitudes before the onset of severe frosts killing plants. Ripening period of inflorescences and long - awaited harvest (August-September).

Features of Plants
  • Plants withstand short-term freezing on the soil to(- 4°C)
  • Plants are stable and not subject to mutations and hermaphroditism!
  • Plants in our collection have the heterosis power of the first generation F1, which increases their life potential!
  • Plants are fully genetically adapted to street conditions and are guaranteed to yield at latitudes up to the latitude of the Russian city of St. Petersburg (60° North latitude)
Recommended new items
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Autoflowering new items are presented in variations of both indica and sativa, autoflowering sativa is a rarity, and we are ready to please you with the effect of pure sativa in a short time of autoflowering, it is a variety of Mexican airlines. Each grower will find your favorite varieties. There are even almost pure sativa and indica for the effect and containment of terpenes and cannabinoid substances in autoflowering form!

DJSort (Cannabis Breeder)

Gallery Autoflowers

Attention! Descriptions of varieties and photos are available on Google's servers. You can download or open in the browser files of descriptions of classes or the catalog booklet in a pdf format and to get acquainted with them.